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How Do We Improve Our Patient Satisfaction Score Rating And Value Based Reimbursement?


How Do We Better Understand And Market To Our Service Area?


How Do We Better Utilize Our Frontline Staff To Deliver A Better Patient Experience


How Do We Display Clinical Improvement To Our Behavioral Health Patients.

Major Benefits of EveryPatient Platform

  • • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • • Reduce Patient Dissatisfaction
  • • Achieve Higher HCAHPS Scores
  • • Improve Social Comments/Reviews
  • Schedule a demo
  • • Prevent Revenue Loss
  • • Increase Revenue

Unique Analytics Platform, Yet So Simple To Use…

Mobile Alerts To Staff When Risk Of Poor Satisfaction • CAHPS Risk Failure Alerts To Managers
Drill Down To Investigate • Auto-Determines Risk Categories
Tailored Report Generation • Real-Time Updates


Complete solutions for every clinical encounter with patients

Gathering Specific Demographics and Usage Pattern Intelligence

Understand Your Service Area In Real Time

How do you communicate to your service area that you understand their needs and wants; Marketing Analytics. This requires keen knowledge of population-based needs. However, population needs doesn’t have to mean broad strokes and no specificity. EveryPatient technologies allows you to gather specific comments about your service area perspectives and what their pressing needs are.

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The Hard Science Of Experience Management

Made Simple and User Friendly

With so many variables involved in a Patient’s experience, it would take a very large and experienced team to account for all of them. At EveryPatient, it’s what we do. Using our intelligent real time solutions we can convert the slightest of comments into meaningful intelligence and inform you if it will impact your panelty based satisfaction scores.

Frontline Awareness

Staff Proactive And Patient Unobtrusive

Frontline staff are often forgotten as a first line of defense towards poor patient experience. In actuality frontline staff (CNA, RNA, RN, LPN) are the best equipped to detect dissatisfaction in patients. EveryPatient has developed a suite of solutions designed to make detection and alerting other staff and managers easy.

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Quantitative Measurements of Behavior

Creating a more robust behavioral experience

Emerging science has realized that adding quantitative measurements to behavioral treatments improves care overall. Behavioral Clinicians are able to better measure progress in treatment and set benchmarks. EveryPatient visualization tools provide clarity to set goals.Allowing Clinicians and patients to visually follow treatment progress.