How Do We Measure Performance Metrics For Physician And Staff Incentives. How Do We Determine Physician And Staff Satisfaction?


We Have Unique Intelligence And Satisfaction Needs For Our Service Area. How Do We Translate These Needs Into Actionable Information?

Major Benefits of EveryPatient Platform

  • • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • • Reduce Patient Dissatisfaction
  • • Achieve Higher HCAHPS Scores
  • • Improve Social Comments/Reviews
  • Schedule a demo
  • • Prevent Revenue Loss
  • • Increase Revenue

Excellent Patient Experience
Requires Provider and Staff

Read: Staff Empowered Satisfaction

Provider and Staff Metrics

The Foundation Of Patient Experience

Supporting providers and staff is the most fundamental requirement to improving and maintaining excellent patient experience. Rewarding key employees requires precision. EveryPatient, has developed a supportive analytics platform to determine individual clinician performance from the patient perspective, incentive models, as well as, physician and staff satisfaction measurement tools.

Creating Key Relationships For
The Betterment Of Patients

Consultancy Services

Innovative Approaches To Unique Conditions

At EveryPatient, we have never met two health systems, hospitals, practices or post acute facilities that are the same, all have distinctive factors that impact patients and staff. In addition to our customizable platform we provide onsite examinations, explorations, and recommendations on all aspects of patient and staff experience matters.

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